MAD Motrcycle Avantura for Dames | 15th – 17th July 2022. | Advenure Hub, Dobra, Serbia

After two year long brake we are finally here! Three days and two nights under sky, enjoying music, having fun and learning new staff with girls who share your passion for motorcycles. Pack your tents (or book accommodation), prepare your bike and get ready for adventure worth remembering – Adventure starts where your confer zone ends.

Tickets are going to be available from April 15th till June 15th 2022. Application form are going to be posted here on website.

Project by

The Association of Women Motorcyclists of Serbia (DRUMOS) stands behind the MAD Moto Adventure for Dames, and is the legal entity in charge of the organization of the camp.
Registration Number: 28279434
Tax Identification Number (“PIB”): 111392046


Is there an entry fee, and what do I get for my money?

MAD motorcycle adventure for Dames is free however you need to fill application form which is going to be available on this website from April 15th till Jun 15th. Pleas think about donation!

For that price we will provide:

  • Total of 5 meals (Friday: dinner; Saturday: breakfast, lunch and dinner; Sunday: breakfast)
  • Tent place

Is there a single day ticket available?

No, there is no option for a single day ticket.

Can I buy a ticket at the camp entrance?

It is not possible to get ticket on camp entrance. In case that any other girl cancel her participation you can take her ticket after application ended.

Will camp have water, showers and toilets?


Are meals provided or we must buy food?

Ticket provides 5 meals total, but since camp is in nature, far from any shops, participants can bring their own food if they want.

Can I photograph and record camp, and how can I use recorded material?

Yes, but taking photos and record inside of camp will be allowed and encouraged for private purposes. Every use of material recorded during MAD for commercial purpose or for media use must be announced. For more info on this subject you can contact us on
We take privacy very seriously.

How is parking regulated?

There is no parking as such. Arrival with vans, trucks or campers is not foreseen. Bring leg pad for motorcycle since they will be parked on the ground 🙂

What is allowed in the camp and what is not?

That is a camp and you will need camping equipment. Bringing food and drink is not forbidden, we are in nature and there is no shop on every corner. That does not mean that you can bring in illegal substances. Since camp is intended for women, bringing friends, boyfriends and husbands is not allowed. If you have kids, you can leave them to your husbands and boyfriends for babysitting. Camp will have security that will take care for participants safety. Please don't hold against them if they think something can jeopardize that safety.

Is MAD intended for women only?

Yes but male children aged 8 and younger can participate.

Can I bring children with me?

Yes. Children younger than 8 do not pay entry fees. If you bring children with you, have in mind that camp is in nature, there are no shops nearby, and that we planned lots of activities and that children can be bored or overloaded. We don't provide babysitting services.

Do only woman can participate in organization?

No. Camp is intended for women, but organizing one is much more complex than participating, so all people with good will and good ideas can be part of our team.

Do performers, lecturers and exhibitors must be women?

No. If you are artist or craftsman (draw comics, make jewelry, do tattoos) and you think that what you do can be interesting for participants , you can apply on and we will try to find a place for you to exhibit your work. Same apply for musicians who think that your performance is perfect for an event like this.