Is there a registration fee and what does the ticket price include?

Yes! The price of the ticket is 3500RSD (Serbian dinars) for participants from Serbia, or 30€ (Euros) for participants from abroad. Girls from Serbia can buy tickets by making a payment to the account of the Association of Women Motorcyclists of Serbia (Account number: 160-0000000546642-32 Banca Intesa with a note “for membership fee”) or personally; for payments from abroad please contact the organizers by mail madmotoavantura@gmail.com for instructions.

The registrationc fee (ticket) includes a parking spot, a place for a tent, electricity, water, showers, five meals, participation in workshops, but also different gifts and discounts prepared by sponsors.

Important notice!

For an application to be considered valid, the application must be completed here!

Does the camp have water, showers and toilets?

Yes! It is guaranteed that the camp will have toilets, potable water, showers and electricity. If any of these amenities are not provided, MAD will not be organized.

Are the meals organized or must food be puchased?

Yes! Participants of the MAD moto adventure will have several free meals for the duration of the camp. In addition, participants will be allowed to bring their own food to the camp.

Can I take photos, videos and can I use the recored materials?

Yes! But... Photographing and shooting inside the campsite will be allowed and desirable as long as the material is used for private purposes only.
Any use of photographs and videos made during the MAD Moto Adventure for commercial purposes or for the media must be announced and approved in advance. For more information on this topic, please contact us at madmotoavantura@gmail.com
We take privacy very seriously!

How is parking regulated?

Parking will be available for motorcycles and cars and will not be charged. Arrival with vans, trucks and campers is not planned. For safety reasons, motorcycles and cars will not be parked in the same place.

What items are allowed and what items are forbidden to be brought to the camp?

It is a campsite and you will need all the things that are necessary for camping, so you will not be banned from bringing food and beverages (we will be in nature and there are no shops that close by). This does not mean that illegal substances are allowed to be brought to the camp. Given that the camp is intended only for women, it is forbidden to bring “boyfriends” and boy friends. If you have children, we suggest that you use this opportunity to leave the kids with the boyfriends to babysit. Unfortunately the camp is not pet friendly so all pets that have less than two wheels must stay at home. The camp will have security that will be responsible for safety of the participants, and it is of utmost importance that everyone respects their rules and decisions related to anything that they may consider as a safety hazard for the safety of the camp.

Is MAD only for women?

Yes! And we will not make any exceptions.

Can only girls participate in the organization of the camp?

No! During the camp, only participants and volunteers will stay in the camp, but the organization and realization of the Moto Adventure is quite complex, hence all people with good ideas can become part of our team.

Do artists, exhibitors and lecturers have to be girls?

No! You are, say, an artist or a craftsman (for example, you draw comics, make jewelery, tattoos) and you think what you do can be interesting to the camp participants? Check in to madmotoavantura@gmail.com and we will try to find a place for you to showcase your work or show your knowledge. The same goes if you have a band and you believe your performance would be just right for this kind of event.