MAD 2020

Location: Stol mountain, Bor, Serbia

Date: 3td – 6th. July 2020.

Creed: Adventure starts where comfort zone stops

Ticket price: soon

  • 4 days full of challenges, reserved for relaxation and fun
  • Participation is possible only with ticket.
  • Ticket provides 8 meals total, sleeping bed, use of toilets and showers, and participation in all activities during adventure
  • MAD bingo with lots of great prizes

Tickets sale will start in the middle of March, and will be in stock until middle of June 2020. Follow us and get your tickets in time since number of vacancies is limited.


  • Mountain hiking

Mountain ski association ‘’Crni vrh’’ will provide guides who will lead participants on a hike to a Stol mountain top (1156m high), under which are MAD camp and mountain home located

  • Artificial rock climbing

Experienced instructor will train girls in basics of rock climbing, and brave ones will be able to try this sport

  • Surprise course

Since hosts are oriented toward nature and extreme sports, they will hold combined courses to participants. Courses will include elements of nature orientation, nature survival, and basics of mountain hiking and alpinism

  • Bingo

Good habits should not be changed, so this year we will organize bingo again. Prizes will be donated by girls, sponsors, and people of good will. All donated prizes must be new, unused and in perfect condition.

  • Stretching

Since decent level of physical fitness is needed for motorcycle riding, Marija Rasic, fitness trainer, will instruct girls in exercises that can help them on long journeys, and enable them to ride properly.

  • Off-road driving

This MAD is dedicated to adventurous spirits so we could not find a more suitable lecture than one dedicated to off-road driving. More info on this subject will be provided when negotiations with lecturers are finished.

  • Concerts

Ones who visited MAD 2019 knows that we like to keep high standards. Beside lecturers, that can be seen in our band selection. Friday evening is reserved for campfire with song and guitar played by camp participants, Saturday is reserved for surprise band, and Sunday for Madicine band from Zajecar, one we had great cooperation last year. After every concert stage will be available for karaoke.